Contilio & TÜV SÜD partner to provide AI construction quality control

Contilio,  a leading London-based construction analytics software company announces the establishment of a joint AI solution together with the global leader in testing, certification, and inspection TÜV SÜD. 3D AI Construction Inspection addresses the key needs of the construction industry by providing automated defect analysis, installation quality verification and progress tracking for building and infrastructure construction projects. The solution enables asset owners, general contractors and investors to deliver quality projects within the time, cost and risk requirements, and at the same time enhance their Return on Investment (ROI).

The global construction industry with annual sales of US$ 12 trillion is undergoing fundamental change, primarily driven by high construction costs, shortage of skilled labour and increasing pressure for sustainable, environmentally friendly operations. “Shockingly, 60 percent of all construction projects experience significant delays, and up to 30 percent of construction costs are swallowed up by the need for rework and installation error rectification”, says Joachim Birnthaler, CEO of TÜV SÜD’s Real Estate & Infrastructure Division. “In addition, more and more owners, developers, and investors are seeking to maximise the quality of their construction projects, delivering them more sustainably and with reduced carbon footprint.” 

Digital methods such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Twins are instrumental in helping to deliver construction projects with significantly improved productivity, sustainability and delivery timeline as well as reduced costs.  “However, this only works when the digital models are correctly applied from the project outset and kept up to date and compliant throughout the construction with the help of advanced technology and automated underlying processes”, warns Birnthaler. With this in mind, TÜV SÜD joined forces with Contilio, using the UK-based breakthrough technology as the basis for bringing AI-based Construction Quality Control to our customers globally




Zara Riahi, CEO of Contilio says: “Our solution combines advanced 3D AI technology with 150 years of global inspection and testing expertise to automatically provide actionable intelligence from 3D construction site data (Lidar/Laser scans) in real-time. This is done by intelligently identifying all structural, architectural, MEP and fitout elements in 3D site data, and then automatically comparing them with the BIM and the schedule. Our AI software works seamlessly with commercially available Lidar scanners and drones and helps to automatically track construction progress and installation quality for both building and infrastructure projects. In addition, this automated comparison helps keep digital twins up-to-date during the construction and provides the opportunity to rapidly detect any deviations from plans or installation errors and eliminate them with agility.”

Data-driven risk management

The 3D AI Construction Inspection solution benefits general contractors, developers, owners, and investors by providing an informative overview of the current status of a construction project, supporting data-driven risk management and decisions. The digital solution enables all project stakeholders to access the same information from a cloud-based environment, thus improving issue resolution and communication. In addition, the automated processes reduce the cost and time required for quality control and progress tracking, which is currently done manually and based on spot checks.

“Our 3D AI Construction technology plays an important role in completing major construction projects on time, on budget and with high quality”, says Joachim Birnthaler. “The high level of automation cuts costs and reduces the ‘entry barrier’ for digital solutions in construction projects”, adds Zara Riahi.

Both experts are convinced that the many benefits of Digital Construction Inspection for asset owners, general contractors and investors represent a leap in the digitalisation of the construction industry.

For more information on the service, please visit the TÜV SÜD X Contilio 3D AI Inspection page.

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Global Proptech VC Pilabs invests in Contilio to transform the way the world builds with 3D AI

The global Proptech Venture Capital firm, Pi Labs, has led the latest investment into the AI-based analytics software Contilio to enable the global construction industry to intelligently track, predict and transform the delivery of building & infrastructure projects, with 3D AI.

The breakthrough 3D AI construction analytics platform will use the funds to onboard more customers, further advance its product & tech and accelerate its growth. This acceleration is fuelled by a c500 per cent increase in global demand for its construction progress, installation quality and risk software.

The global construction is valued at USD13 trillion. Despite pioneering a lot of technological innovation, including CAD, simulation and early machine learning applications, the building and infrastructure construction is still the 2nd least productive industry. Every year, approximately 40% of the construction value is lost in unnecessary delays, rework and waste. Increased investments in Building Information Management (BIM) and visualisation while valuable, has not done much to bridge the critical gap between construction plans and the as-built reality.

Contilio’s world-first AI platform provides actionable intelligence from 3D construction site data (Lidar/Laser scans) by intelligently classifying all structural, architectural and MEP elements and automatically comparing them with the BIM and the schedule. The easy-to-use software works seamlessly with all commercially available Lidar/Laser scanners and most recently drones. Since launching from stealth in 2019, Contilio has been used by global general contractors (e.g., Balfour Beatty), developers (e.g., Prologis) and owners (eg TUV SUD), helping them deliver building, infrastructure and data centre projects cheaper, faster and more sustainably.

On average, customers report that the Contilio platform delivers the progress and quality insights 15 times faster for 100 per cent of the construction site. This, for the first time, enables key stakeholders to automatically track construction progress, swiftly eliminate delays and installation errors, and to make smart decisions. When deployed at scale, Contilio delivers significant cost savings, better bid performance and  20x return on investment. Due to the significant reduction in construction rework and waste, CO2 emissions are reduced, helping sustainability strategies.

The next version of Contilio’s cloud-based product which will be launched soon enables the users to access the insights 24/7 from anywhere in the world with 10x better performance in terms of visualising 3D insights when compared with the likes of Autodesk. A free version will be also made available to a short-list of power users.

Zara Riahi, Co-Founder & CEO, at Contilio, says: “Construction is a pivotal part of all of our lives whether we are indoors, commuting or communicating. After spending years managing mega construction projects and investing in AI and Fintech, I realised that the 3D AI advancements would help deliver the much-needed change for an industry that I knew deserved much better.

“The Covid-19 pandemic, shortage of skilled workforce, and the growing trend for better build quality have exponentially increased the demand for data-driven insights, predictable outcomes and timely verification of installation errors. This has shifted the industry’s focus from 360 visualisation tools, to automated and scalable software, taking the value game to the next level.

“Pi Labs investment and its unparalleled access to a global network of property and construction leaders will be a great asset to Contilio as we quickly grow our customer base and advance our business in our journey to reshape the global construction industry. We look forward to working together and having a positive impact on the future of real estate and infrastructure.”

Faisal Butt, CEO of Pi Labs, says: “ESG and progression of the real estate industry have always been core to Pi Labs’ mission. Construction is a key part of that equation, where manual, costly and paper-based processes have been a core reason for wasteful errors, costly delays and significant overruns. Our research shows us that Construction is ripe for technology disruption and that Construction tech has a vital role to play as we work towards achieving net zero, optimised supply chain and efficient construction delivery.

“Contilio’s innovative solution fills a large void in terms of enhancing construction efficiency and reducing waste. Their AI software not only helps enable significant cost savings during construction, but also drives sustainability benefits and better build quality for owners and developers, enabling them to continue to reap the benefits during asset operations. That is why we at Pi Labs are delighted to be supporting Contilio’s expansion and continue to believe that Construction Tech will offer many innovations that will improve our built environment.”

Source: Private Equity Wire,, Property Week

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