Contilio appoints Professor Konrad Schindler as a board member

Contilio appoints Professor Konrad Schindler as a board member in January 2019.

Professor Schindler brings 20 years of global research and industry experience across computer vision, photogrammetry and remote sensing. He has held several faculty and research positions at distinguished universities across Europe and Australia, including Monash University and TU Darmstadt Germany. He has been a professor at ETH Zurich since 2010 and published many papers in the field of computer vision and photogrammetry.

“Konrad is joining us in the capacity of a scientific advisor and will be helping Contilio bring the state of the art in 3D vision, photogrammetry and image processing to our world-class platform and technology” Zara Riahi CEO stated. Andreas, myself and the rest of the team at Contilio look forward to working with Professor Schindler to tackle one of the biggest challenges of the $12Trn construction industry and to enable significant cashflow, productivity and compliance benefits for our customers and partners.

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